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Contemporary Cuban Art Magazine

Welcome to CdeCuba Art Magazine, the prestigious magazine of Contemporary Cuban Art. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to disseminating and promoting Cuban Visual Arts at an international level. In each biannual edition, we present a rigorous selection of Cuban artworks and artists, both in Cuba and around the world, offering a comprehensive and accurate view of the finest and most current in Cuban Visual Arts.

Cuban Contemporary Art

Magazine No.32

Felipe Alarcón Echenique

Felipe Alarcón’s works are distinguished by their play of shapes, colors and symbols that invite the viewer to reflect on the complexity of the human experience and the very nature of visual perception.

Ernesto Ferriol

Ernesto Ferriol’s artistic approach represents a break with the traditional perfection of realism, opting for a cruder and sometimes even disturbing representation of reality.

Sergio Payares

Sergio Payares assumes the work in an act of conscious renunciation. An inverse search that has led him to decompose the pictorial matter and the represented scene to a primordial symbolic state.

Yasiel Elizagaray

Yasiel Elizagaray’s expressionist work is impregnated with a palpable energy, transcending mere visual representation to immerse the viewer in an emotionally intense universe.

Ismael Gómez Peralta

In Ismael Gómez Peralta’s works, nostalgia and melancholy are intertwined with a profound reflection on the passage of time and the transience of human existence, where the ephemeral becomes eternal.

Julio César Peña

Julio César Peña is recognized for his mastery of the woodcut technique. His mastery of this ancient form of engraving allows him to create images of profound beauty and complexity, capturing the essence of Cuban culture.

Arbelio Fontes

Arbelio Fontes is an artist who explores the theme of exodus and migration in his work. His creations highlight both the challenges and hopes of these journeys. He seeks to generate empathy and reflection on human mobility.

Alexis Pantoja

Pantoja challenges us to see the world with new eyes, appreciating the complexity and poetry in the everyday. His art transforms perception and enriches the spirit, inviting us to explore the beauty of existence.

Enrique Alfonso

Enrique Alfonso explores the relationship between identity and memory in his works, not only celebrating Cuba’s heritage, but also questioning established narratives, offering a critical view of society.

Jorge Pulido

Jorge Pulido’s works are full of intricate details and dreamlike elements, transporting the viewer to alternative and magical worlds. The symbolic richness and visual complexity invite multiple interpretations.

Abel Monagas

Abel Monagas frequently depicts portraits with an exceptional mastery of technique and detail, using light and shadow in a masterful way to give depth and realism to his pieces.


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