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Contemporary Cuban Art Magazine

Welcome to CdeCuba Art Magazine, a magazine of Contemporary Cuban Art that was born in 2008 as an editorial project specialized in the dissemination and promotion of Cuban Visual Arts at an international level. Every six months we offer our readers a rigorous selection of Cuban works and artists that can be found both in Cuba and in different parts of the world, thus giving a global and accurate vision of the best and most current of the Cuban Visual Arts. We make presentations of each new issue in art galleries, cultural and artistic institutions, art fairs and book fairs in the United States (Miami, NYC), Cuba (Havana) and Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona). As a complement to Arte Cubano’s editorial project and thus offering a more comprehensive service to all Cuban artists, we have different services specialized in: Online sale of artworks (CdeCuba Art Gallery), creation of web pages (CdeCuba Art Webs), edition and printing of art books (CdeCuba Art Books), organization of exhibitions of the Cuban Art collection (CdeCuba Art Collection).

Magazine No.29

César Castillo

César Castillo delves into the folds of a political art in his own way. The figure of the forgotten antihero on the periphery of the local circuit is his theme.

Antonio Espinosa

Drawing is the quintessence of painting, sculpture and architecture. It is the root of all art, and whoever masters it enjoys an incalculable power…

Alberto Lorente

Alberto Lorente starts from chaos without being obsessed with perfect interpretation, free of ideologies: he clones beings in themselves that are incomplete.

Video Art

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