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Contemporary Cuban Art Magazine

Welcome to CdeCuba Art Magazine, the prestigious magazine of Contemporary Cuban Art. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to disseminating and promoting Cuban Visual Arts at an international level. In each biannual edition, we present a rigorous selection of Cuban artworks and artists, both in Cuba and around the world, offering a comprehensive and accurate view of the finest and most current in Cuban Visual Arts.

Cuban Contemporary Art

Magazine No.31

Ernesto Benítez

Ernesto Benítez presents himself as an artist configured from a scheme of thought marked by a deep philosophical and anthropological vocation.

Luis Enrique Camejo

In the course of his artistic career, Luis Enrique Camejo has assembled a remarkable body of work, characterized by consistent quality and a talent for balancing values.

Aisar Jalil

Aisar Jalil sets the trap of the anecdotal, of a retinal narrative of sequential tradition; the trap of humorous sarcasm for stupid and objectified beings.

Arturo Montoto

In Arturo Montoto’s work, the mystery of insularity and the rigor of academia converge in a strictly singular manner. His pieces prioritize an appealing subjective content.

Julio Figueroa Beltrán

Julio Figueroa Beltrán’s artworks reflect compositions that convey a sense of beauty and harmony. Impressive landscapes charged with magical realism.

Yovani Bauta

Yovani Bauta is an artist whose work delves into the complexity of the human body, exploring the very essence of existence.

Lissette Matalón

Lissette Matalón reflects a profound introspection and a constant search in her work, through a combination of forms and symbols.

Noel Morera

The work of Noel Morera (Matanzas, 1962) sets out to reinterpret the surroundings, convinced, above all, that “art is a language that speaks for itself.”

Omar Tirado

Omar Tirado’s work is characterized by capturing the essence and atmosphere of common spaces, familiar places that we often overlook.

Geiler González

Geiler González manages to create works that are impactful and provocative. His pieces feature a profusion of seemingly chaotic elements that intertwine and overlap.

Patricio Rodríguez

Patricio Rodríguez uses paper to represent the interconnection of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that make up the human psychology.

Ahmed Gómez

Ahmed Gomez is an artist who plays masterfully with irony. His ability to combine two supposedly opposing universes in an ingenious and provocative way stands out.

Vladimir Iglesias

In his creations, Vladimir Iglesias uses the landscape to reflect the concerns and ambiguities we face in an ever-changing world.

Osy Milian

Osy Milian is an artist who addresses themes of memory, nostalgia and human connection. Her poetic and emotive approach invites us to beauty and fragility.

Leonardo Eymil

Leonardo Eymil suggests that beauty can be found even in the most painful and somber aspects of existence. A profound and courageous exploration of the human condition.

Adonys Moreno

Adonys Moreno addresses from his scenographies the hope and desire for freedom, he also highlights his connection with the history and culture of Cuba.

José Perdomo

José Perdomo’s art is an exquisite ode to the majesty of the Cuban landscape, a reflection on the relationship between human beings and the natural environment.

Antonio Guerrero

One of the distinctive characteristics of Antonio Guerrero’s work is his ability to tell stories, his compositions are full of symbolism and visual metaphors.

Leonel Pérez Morejón

The works of Cuban artist Leonel Pérez Morejón are presented with remarkable mastery, towards a mysterious and evocative journey of inner light.

Carlos René Aguilera

Simplicity is one of the qualities of Carlos René Aguilera’s work, the artist distills the essence of his themes, stripping them of the superfluous to highlight the simple and everyday.

Raylven Friman

Friman’s paintings are filled with expressive strokes, abstract forms and layers of color that suggest an amalgam of emotions and expressions that invite the viewer to an introspective journey.

Víctor Maden Morgan

Victor Maden Morgan’s religious art is a testimony to the deep devotion and spirituality rooted in the culture and traditions of Cuba.

Rubén Rodríguez

Rubén Rodríguez is an artist who explores female sensuality and eroticism through his provocative and moving art. He reflects on sexuality, desire and female identity in contemporary society.

Luis Castro ‘Ichy’

For Luis Castro ‘Ichy’ it is almost impossible to detach himself from his nautical immanence, immersing us in a visual journey that explores insularity from a unique perspective.

Richar Vico

Richar Vico’s abstract works are a testimony to his tireless search for meaning and emotion through constantly changing shapes and colors.

Juan Rivero

Juan Rivero invites us to explore a world of apparent naivety that hides deep layers of meaning and reflection, challenging us to look beyond the surface.

Máximo Caminero

The creations of Dominican Máximo Caminero immerse us in a fascinating journey from pictorial chaos to poetic tasting.

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