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Contemporary Cuban Art Magazine

Welcome to CdeCuba Art Magazine, the prestigious magazine of Contemporary Cuban Art. Since 2008, we have been dedicated to disseminating and promoting Cuban Visual Arts at an international level. In each biannual edition, we present a rigorous selection of Cuban artworks and artists, both in Cuba and around the world, offering a comprehensive and accurate view of the finest and most current in Cuban Visual Arts.

Cuban Contemporary Art

Magazine No.32

Felipe Alarcón Echenique

Felipe Alarcón’s works are distinguished by their play of shapes, colors and symbols that invite the viewer to reflect on the complexity of the human experience and the very nature of visual perception.

Ernesto Ferriol

Ernesto Ferriol’s artistic approach represents a break with the traditional perfection of realism, opting for a cruder and sometimes even disturbing representation of reality.

Sergio Payares

Sergio Payares assumes the work in an act of conscious renunciation. An inverse search that has led him to decompose the pictorial matter and the represented scene to a primordial symbolic state.

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