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Contemporary Cuban Art Magazine

Welcome to CdeCuba Art Magazine, a Contemporary Cuban Art magazine that was born in 2008 as an editorial project specialized in the dissemination and promotion of Cuban Visual Arts at an international level. Every six months we offer our readers a rigorous selection of Cuban works and artists that can be found both in Cuba and in different parts of the world, thus giving a global and accurate vision of the best and most current of the Cuban Visual Arts.

Cuban Contemporary Art

Magazine No.31

Ernesto Benítez

Ernesto Benítez presents himself as an artist configured from a scheme of thought marked by a deep philosophical and anthropological vocation.

Luis Enrique Camejo

In the course of his artistic career, Luis Enrique Camejo has assembled a remarkable body of work, characterized by consistent quality and a talent for balancing values.

Aisar Jalil

Aisar Jalil sets the trap of the anecdotal, of a retinal narrative of sequential tradition; the trap of humorous sarcasm for stupid and objectified beings.

Video Art

Art Books