In this section you can have immediate access to the articles of CdeCuba Art Magazine, organized on the basis of the most recent publications. They are brief texts that are not restricted to a specific formula: you will be able to realize the diversity of approaches and the freedom our authors have to develop their writing profile. Above all, they seek to communicate quickly with the reader, who is offered a presentation of the aesthetic-conceptual proposal of each artist.

The group of writers is made up of critics and specialists who reside both inside and outside Cuba, of different ages and life experiences; emerging voices with new visions and others more established with a career in the criticism and study of Cuban Art.

Contemporary Cuban Art Articles

The main objective gravitates on the need to offer a wide and varied panorama that enriches the debates around Contemporary Cuban Art, with different reflections and approaches to the poetics of each artist; made with equally diverse tools: we can find orientations with historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, anthropological analysis, applied to understand the discursive lines of each creator.

Brenda Cabrera, Cuban Contemporary Artist (By Shirley Moreira) artista cubana contemporánea

Brenda Cabrera

For Brenda Cabrera, each work is a sort of self-portrait where she lays bare her essence and, as a ritual, connects it to a much larger cultural universe.

Contemporary Cuban Art Alexis Lago, artista cubano (Por Maikel José Rodríguez Calviño)

Alexis Lago

The images I create reflect my long held interest in ancient myths, fables and the symbolic aspects in them.

Antonio Espinosa

Drawing is the quintessence of painting, sculpture and architecture. It is the root of all art, and whoever masters it enjoys an incalculable power…

César Castillo

César Castillo delves into the folds of a political art in his own way. The figure of the forgotten antihero on the periphery of the local circuit is his theme.

Marco Arturo Herrera

Marco Arturo Herrera’s work is a backdrop for a reality that becomes monochromatic, where the history of a people fades in its impotence.

Ronald Vill

Uncertainty is a recurring element in Ronald Vill’s production, no strong statements are witnessed, only what is necessary to raise suspicions is revealed.

Joniel León

Drawing manifests itself for Joniel León as a space for meditation, challenge and experimentation, giving free rein to his obsession for detail.

Cuban Art Ernesto Benítez

Ernesto Benítez

In general, the artistic discourse of Ernesto Benitez registers a very suggestive and current philosophical and anthropological substrate.

Alberto Lorente

Alberto Lorente starts from chaos without being obsessed with perfect interpretation, free of ideologies: he clones beings in themselves that are incomplete.

Gertrudis Rivalta

Self-referentiality has a very important role in Gertrudis Rivalta’s work; her roots, her experiences or her condition of Cuban and mulatto woman.

Ernesto Capdevila

Ernesto Capdevila is a brilliant artist, who sees, hears and feels with great depth. His work is an amalgam of paint, wood and poetry.

Lidzie Alvisa

Lidzie Alvisa is a conceptual artist who uses photography as a means of creative expression, in addition to drawing, sculpture, installation…

Héctor Frank

Approaching Hector Frank’s work means confirming once again that the history of art represents a territory mined by the most diverse enigmas.

Hilda María R. Enríquez

Hildamaría Enríquez’s creations tend to open a space between whose margins violence, delicacy, lucid contemplation, eroticism, life and death drive coexist.

Leonardo Gutiérrez

“Over the shoulder” is a photographic series that addresses two lines of work; the theme of the portrait and my interest in objects as a deposit of meaning.

Julio Lorente

“My work is the symbolic translation of my critical thinking,” says Julio Lorente just as 60 years of the revolutionary triumph of 1959 are being completed.

CdeCuba Art Magazine

Michel Blázquez

The different influences that Michel Blázquez’s work has, we find references such as cubism, expressionism and surrealism.

Tamara Campo

Tamara Campo’s work is delicate, it exudes elegance and harmony, elements that do not contrast with its dimensions, but rather complete it.

Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya

Ernesto Gutiérrez Moya, in his uniqueness, elaborates the fictional content of his visions, above any tyranny of subjection to the reality of contexts.

Serlián Barreto

Serlián Barreto’s work is a kind of writing that endorses the random parking and the insinuating permutations of the baroque space.

Marlys Fuego

The work of Marlys Fuego within contemporary artistic practices is based on the treatment of eroticism as a main theme.

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