In this section you can have immediate access to the articles of CdeCuba Art Magazine, organized on the basis of the most recent publications. They are brief texts that are not restricted to a specific formula: you will be able to realize the diversity of approaches and the freedom our authors have to develop their writing profile. Above all, they seek to communicate quickly with the reader, who is offered a presentation of the aesthetic-conceptual proposal of each artist.

The group of writers is made up of critics and specialists who reside both inside and outside Cuba, of different ages and life experiences; emerging voices with new visions and others more established with a career in the criticism and study of Cuban Art.

Contemporary Cuban Art Articles

The main objective gravitates on the need to offer a wide and varied panorama that enriches the debates around Contemporary Cuban Art, with different reflections and approaches to the poetics of each artist; made with equally diverse tools: we can find orientations with historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, anthropological analysis, applied to understand the discursive lines of each creator.

Yuri O’Hallorans

Yuri O’Hallorans creations are a fusion of feelings and empathies. Pride, passion and intelligence stand as equal parts of an apparent proximity.

Olivia Torres

Olivia Torres seems to be in constant symbiosis with the place she inhabits, she has taken on the task of breathing life into ISA with her series entitled “Microcosmos”.

Angel Alonso

Angel Alonso’s work finds its axiomatic foundation in the search for the human; that is, in the action-reaction of the individual’s behavior.

Harold Ramirez

Harold Ramirez pays homage to the deceased, drawing from the same scenario, he introduces himself in the biography of beings who ceased to exist physically.

Eldy Ortiz

Eldy Ortiz forces us to look at the uncomfortable image, both in his photographs and performances, as well as in his paintings and drawings. He has found a prolific space for expression.

Bernardo Valdes

Bernardo Valdes proposes a reflective painting, figurative-relatora of common human everyday life, exposed to the sovereignty of the sky as a metaphor for God.

Angel Leon Valiente

Angel Leon Valiente’s work has always maintained an interest in emotions and personal conflicts, and his concern for time has always been present.

Marlon Infante

Marlon Infante is a perfectionist of technique, he pretends to be a meticulous artist. He takes care of the detail, each oil brushstroke finds the right place on the canvas.

Alberto Hernandez

The painting of Alberto Hernandez Reyes is a retreat and a gesture of reaffirmation in the world. Devoted to the landscape genre, he seems to delineate a spiritual journey into the inner self.

Antonio Espinosa

Drawing is the quintessence of painting, sculpture and architecture. It is the root of all art, and whoever masters it enjoys an incalculable power…

Alberto Lorente

Alberto Lorente starts from chaos without being obsessed with perfect interpretation, free of ideologies: he clones beings in themselves that are incomplete.

Miriannys Montes de Oca Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubana contemporánea

Miriannys Montes de Oca

Miriannys Montes de Oca has reinterpreted in her work the duality that stirs within us, where we move from a self-recognition to an external split.

Felipe Alarcón Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Felipe Alarcon

Felipe Alarcón lets images of historical figures, intellectuals and Afro-descendant artists peek through transparencies and glazes in his paintings.

Ronald Vill

Uncertainty is a recurring element in Ronald Vill’s production, no strong statements are witnessed, only what is necessary to raise suspicions is revealed.

Brian Sánchez Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Brian Sanchez

Brian Sanchez’s painting is compulsive and intense, it simulates and transvestites the deepest desires, it achieves through it timelessness, awe and gloom.

Jorge César Sáenz Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Jorge Cesar Saenz

The artistic capacity of Jorge César Sáenz for sculpture and painting seduces and envelops us, with naturalness, subtlety and elegance, it is a temporary journey to the Middle Ages.

Brenda Cabrera, Cuban Contemporary Artist (By Shirley Moreira) artista cubana contemporánea

Brenda Cabrera

For Brenda Cabrera, each work is a sort of self-portrait where she lays bare her essence and, as a ritual, connects it to a much larger cultural universe.

Javier Barreiro Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Javier Barreiro

Javier Barreiro is interested in observing his surroundings, the images that are repeated day by day, where the urban grows guided by precariousness and adopts a form of survival.

Carlos Batista Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Carlos Batista

Carlos Batista’s works reveal a disturbing loneliness not exempt of drama; that contemporary drama that makes us oscillate between immediacy and a continuous desire for transcendence.

Hugo Azcuy Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Hugo Azcuy

Hugo Azcuy Castillo makes a work that is an extension of his own psyche, of his propensity towards the transcendent and of the dialogue between the human and the divine.

Antoine Mena Cuban Contemporary Artist, artista cubano contemporáneo

Antoine Mena

The grotesque, the scatological, the perverted, the perverted, the sublime, the sexual, the dark, the disproportionate, the wrathful, the noble and the human, all come together in Antoine Mena’s work.