In this section you can have immediate access to the articles of CdeCuba Art Magazine, organized on the basis of the most recent publications. They are brief texts that are not restricted to a specific formula: you will be able to realize the diversity of approaches and the freedom our authors have to develop their writing profile. Above all, they seek to communicate quickly with the reader, who is offered a presentation of the aesthetic-conceptual proposal of each artist.

The group of writers is made up of critics and specialists who reside both inside and outside Cuba, of different ages and life experiences; emerging voices with new visions and others more established with a career in the criticism and study of Cuban Art.

Contemporary Cuban Art Articles

The main objective gravitates on the need to offer a wide and varied panorama that enriches the debates around Contemporary Cuban Art, with different reflections and approaches to the poetics of each artist; made with equally diverse tools: we can find orientations with historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, anthropological analysis, applied to understand the discursive lines of each creator.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Frank Rodvent

The artist deals with the everyday through established philosophies, and he does so from the subjectivity of different points of view.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Armando Recamán

In the work of Armando Recamán there are two clear markers, the spiritual and esoteric, and personal relationships.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Eric Alfaro

The portrait is the support through Eric Alfaro reaches the unfolding in a true connoisseur of academic bias.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

William Acosta

The work of the young artist William Acosta borders the rugged contemporary world of image and publicity.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Yuniel Delgado

Art as an act of free expression and the artist as an anthropologist and tireless researcher of its environment and context.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Frank León

Frank León is an artist who, from his existential experience and the use of different techniques, creates his work.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Adrián Socorro

The works of this artist respond to an action-reaction experienced in his day to day on the island of Cuba.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Pedro Valerino

Pedro Valerino has the ability to give new values to painting from a more current and carefree vision.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25

Danco Robert Duportai

The work of this artist has the ability to melt form and content effectively in just a few centimeters.

CdeCuba Art Magazine No.25


KHRONOS ART GROUP appropriates consumer models and ideas to create a work with an ironic sense.