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Ernesto Capdevila

Inside the platonic cavern we find a group of men. They have been there since childhood, their feet and neck tied. In the same position, unmoving, they look ahead as looking back has been rendered impossible. They are men that know only of shadows. If we were to untie them, if we forced them to get up and to direct their eyes to the light, wouldn’t doing this be painful? And if they were to look straight into the light wouldn’t they hurt their eyes and try to escape from the pain? However, were they to withstand the glare they would come out as better men, infinitely better…

In the end, there are no distorted versions since they all belong to reality. Each statement (assertion) puts forth a method, whether true or not. In a way, these are my works so far: an unforeseen road without beginning or end, truths and lies that are bared in the same stage. The differences and coexistence being, in my opinion, what is truly valuable.

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