In this section you can find all the digital editions of CdeCuba Art Magazine, from the most recent to the inaugural one, including issues 0 and 00. You can access them with free download (upon request to the editor) and viewing of the magazine.

Cuban Art Magazine

All issues remain on the website as a memory of a work carried out for more than 13 years. This space, in addition to allowing easy interaction with each issue of the magazine, collects, in its temporal path, the trajectory of our content, its visuality (as an element of important consideration in a predominantly visual art magazine), as well as the artists and writers who have been joining the proposal.

Contemporary Cuban Art

 Anyone interested in Contemporary Cuban Art can approach the editorial project CdeCuba Art Magazine, and with it an important sample of current Cuban Art, which is collected in its pages, registered, enduring, captured in its lifetime to become a chronicle and memory.

Abel Monagas frequently depicts portraits with an exceptional mastery of technique and detail, using light and shadow in a masterful way to give depth and realism to his pieces.