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El fin del Gran Relato

CdeCuba Art Books 09

The End of the Great Story is a collective project curated by artist Henry Eric Hernandez. The group of artists selected are: Angel Delgado, Carlos Garaicoa, Celia-Yunior, Ezequiel Suarez, Henry Eric Hernandez, Isabel Cristina and Laura Perez Insua, Jorge Luis Marrero, Jose Angel Toirac, Los Carpinteros, Manuel Alcayde Majendie, Reynier Leyva Novo and Yornel Martinez Elias.

Henry Eric Hernandez tells us in relation to the project, that each one of the artists shows the thought of Arthur C. Danto, when he emphasizes that where there is no narrator there is no story; each one of his works is a narrative sentence that brushes against the grain a gesture, an event, a circumstance, components always of, even when its origin is due to the most intimate or personal, the image of the great national story.

Much has been said, inside and outside Cuba, about “openness” and “change”. This has delineated an imaginary in which, without having defined the Cuban system as totalitarian, it bets on the continuity of its authoritarianism, this time supported by the free market economy. An imaginary in which, if we look, for example, at the plot of art and more specifically at its most cautious critical narrative, we see that it still discusses the productions around the concept of utopia; never in relation to the term totalitarianism. The exhibition El fin del Gran Relato (The End of the Great Story) is therefore a pretext for discussing the Cuban context from and towards the frameworks of totalitarianism.

El fin del Gran Relato
Edition: March 2019
Measures: 21.6 x 21.6 cm
Pages: 126
ISBN: 978-84-09-09065-3
Collection: CdeCuba Art Books
Language: Spanish – English
Price: 35€