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Antonio Espinosa

Luis Antonio Espinosa Fruto was born in 1974 in Manzanillo (Cuba), graduated from the Superior Institute of Art (ISA), La Habana, in 1997. His works have been exhibited in galleries, museums and art institutions around the world. Notable cartoonist and painter, Antonio Espinosa is considered one of the most interesting Cuban artists of today, is …

Cuban Art: Ángel León Valiente, Cuban Contemporary Artist (Cuba Fine Art)
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Angel Leon Valiente

The metaphysics integrated into painting as a spiritual quest, that inner life in which the subconscious reigns -an intangible terrain that the surrealists tried to personify- and the vast architectural spaces that Giorgio de Chirico has left in our visual memory, are the main references that serve as a basis for interpreting the work of …

Cuban Art: Yuniel Delgado Castillo, Cuban Contemporary Artist (Cuba Fine Art)
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Yuniel Delgado Castillo

Yuniel Delgado Castillo (Havana, 1984) is a Cuban visual artist living in Madrid. Considered, by specialized critics, the new Enfant Terrible of Cuban painting. He graduated with honors from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in painting, in 2011. He managed, with extreme speed, to establish a prestigious credit in the Cuban art …

Cuban Art: Felipe Alarcón, Cuban Contemporary Artist (Cuba Fine Art)
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Felipe Alarcon

Felipe Alarcón Echenique (Havana 1966), is a restless painter, committed to his style and his time, passionate about the warm atmosphere of the island.  His works have a graphic rhythm and dynamism conceived within an almost perfect balance. Architectures of forms and colors that, like an accumulation of gestures and experiences, demand to be entered …

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Donis Llago

The uninhabited, translucent, phantasmagoric city… This is the city that multiplies and underlies Donis Llago’s work. To discover it absent can suggest a fortuitous encounter with the evils that afflict it, that submerge it in the depths of a glass box, that fracture it and torment it again and again, until it is left to …

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Hector Frank

Héctor Frank’s works are based on a central anthropomorphic image. Thematic elements, found objects and colored planes that do not achieve perspective are added to it. They are severe faces, which are astonished to be observed. Characters contained in an orb of textures and colors from which they do not want to escape. He traps, …

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Javier Barreiro

Everyday life needs to be accompanied by an awareness of the political frameworks in which we participate and which determine us as individuals in a social environment. Javier Barreiro’s examination of his surroundings channels these concerns. The city serves as a motif of discourse: the image he projects of it activates meanings that go beyond …

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Luis Enrique Camejo

Luis Enrique Camejo has gathered in the course of his career a remarkable work, characterized by the consistent quality and by the talent to balance the values, sometimes contradictory, that enrich his artistic vision. His work has successfully explored the idea of the city and of the urban element, matters that he approaches with a …

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Douglas Perez

My work approaches, from a humorous perspective, the context of history. My paintings have a certain flavor of the past, with a touch of humor that is expressed in the titles, evoking the genre painting of the nineteenth century.

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Ernesto Capdevila

Inside the platonic cavern we find a group of men. They have been there since childhood, their feet and neck tied. In the same position, unmoving, they look ahead as looking back has been rendered impossible. They are men that know only of shadows. If we were to untie them, if we forced them to …

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Bernardo Navarro Tomas

These works were made within the American context and inspired by the conflict between Cuba and the United States, my life experience in both and the 80’s generation. Americana is a general term for artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States of America. In general, it is defined …

Cuban Art: Ernesto Benítez, Cuban Contemporary Artist (Cuba Fine Art). Arte Cubano: Ernesto Benítez, Artista Cubano Contemporáneo
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Ernesto Benitez

Ernesto Benítez is a multidisciplinary artist with a strong conceptual and experimental projection. His artistic praxis explores different aspects of the political, social and cultural to propose unavoidable reflections or ontological questions that explore the restorative and therapeutic function of the creative processes of art. As a child of the digital era and heir to …

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Raul C (Memo)

Within the pictorial visuality, a problematic marked by the excess of influences and the dilemma of how to assume it in the midst of a highly saturated contemporaneity of images originates. This, moreover, has been the consequence of an increasingly accelerated dynamization since Modernity until today. And that is why it would seem that the …

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Julio Lorente

In the post59 cultural dynamics, Virgilio Piñera’s literary production is singular. The somewhat fractious spirit with which he assumed the relationship with his effervescent cultural environment and which characterized his work refers to it. Occasionally Kafkaesque, the abject, the carnal-image that attracted him and the impact of the insular condition, provokes a singular personal imaginary …

Cuban Art: César Castillo, Cuban Contemporary Artist (Cuba Fine Art)
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Cesar Castillo

My work is an attempt to delegitimize, an aesthetic and conceptual search for certain truths hidden in the rhetorical exercise of the establishment. In a society shaken by the story of a “perennial enemy”, it is necessary to symbolically dismantle the historicist paraphernalia in order to assume a necessary critique. My painting is, finally, a …